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Grocery Budget

September 25th, 2007 at 10:01 am

My grocery budget is $298.00 per month. I usually do well with this as far as groceries are concerned. Our problem is eating out, such as in fast food. We dont really go to sit down places but we get take away quite a bit and this really adds up! For three of us it's never under 12.00-14.00. I have a large chest freezer full of food as well as my pantries and cabinets are full. I've got to make myself cook.

I've made a start, last night I cooked a bag of chicken breasts and made chicken taquitos. Recipe below:

Shredded chicken (amount depends on how many you will be making)
Velveta Mexican cheese- 1 square, 1-2 inches thick.
1 tablespoon of homemade salsa
Heat vegetable oil in frying pan, take corn tortillas and put in oil for one second just to soften. Put in desired amount of chicken, roll and put end sides down in cooking oil. Cook until crisp.

This was the first time I've made these and they were really delicious, we will be having these again. Tasty, quick and easy!

I also made chicken salad with some of the chicken and still have 1/2 of it left. I will either find something to make with it or freeze for future use.

It's amazing how many meals one bag of chicken breasts can make!

3 Responses to “Grocery Budget”

  1. eisor Says:

    Plus, cooking is usually MUCH healthier than eating out. DH and I haven't gone to fast food in weeks and haven't gone to a sit-down restaurant since my birthday earlier this month. We've definitely noticed a difference in our weight. We've been eating much healthier and it is showing.

  2. razberriez Says:

    Very true! Better on the health and pocket book! Another benefit is spending time with your family while cooking and having dinner together also. Win win situation!

  3. reflectionite Says:

    i agree with how healthy it is and how much cheper it is cooking every night - but i totally understand having to MAKE yourself cook. my boyfriend rarely cooks and sometimes i just DONT want to, and we usually get something unhealthy like mexican, full of cheese and meat!
    good luck with eating at home! i hope it works out well!

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