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Income and Debt

September 27th, 2007 at 04:12 pm

Income: Monthly
Paper Route: 500.00
Internet sales 1600.00

Rent: 525.00
Cable: 49.99
Water: 55.00
Electricity: 230.00
Auto INs: 189.00
Cell: 40.00

Total: 1088.99

Groceries: 298.00
Misc: 50.00 (laundry soap, etc)
Gas: Paid for by paper route

I've cut my cell bill from 100.00 to 40.00 by going to a prepaid plan with nights, weekends, and unlimited texting free.
I've also cut my cable from 100..00 to 49.99 by keeping internet only, if I want to watch something I'll find a dvd or see what I can find on the internet.

My next plan is to cut the electric bill at least in half(may not be realistic). I will hang clothing out to dry instead of using the dryer and turn all lights, items, etc off when not in use. I've replaced all lights with the new energy efficient bulbs.

Automobile is paid for and I have no credit card, or loan debts, thank goodness. I pay cash for everything but can blow through it like nobody's business!

I really want to get serious about saving some money for an emergency fund, vacation fund and try to set something aside for retirement.

Hopefully by using this blog it will help me keep track and keep myself accountable.

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